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4 reasons you should automate your used cooking oil recycling

The case to automate your used cooking oil recycling is iron-clad if you produce a significant amount of UCO. The benefits are so astounding one wonders why every restaurant hasn’t done it.

Automate your used cooking oil recycling and you get:

  1. Elimination of employee burns, slips and falls.

    The foodservice industry spends $12 billion dollars per year on slips, falls and burns. That’s higher than nuclear power, steel and electric utilities. When your employees handle hot grease they, and you, are at risk. They can be injured, miss time at work, file workman’s comp claims or lawsuits and drive up your insurance premiums. Those are big risks for a restaurant.
  1. Cleanliness, hygiene and higher sales

    Disposing of grease manually results in spills, slops, puddles. It gets dirty and attracts rodents. If your customers coming in from the parking lot or walking by the storage room see a dirty lot or greasy room will they want to eat in your restaurant? 

    A clean facility is more attractive to customers and likely to result in higher sales. The post-pandemic world is more and more conscious of cleanliness. Automate your used cooking recycling to capture those higher sales.
  1. Avoidance of huge plumbing bills

    90% of commercial plumbing issues are the result of grease. Grease brings everything to a halt: people, employees and liquids. Did you see the story of the great grease berg below the streets of London? An extreme case, yes, but it happened. Automate your used cooking oil recycling and you prevent the huge plumbing bills. If you collect your grease in a cooking oil tank you can hand it off to renderers who refine it to create livestock feed and biodiesel fuel, a cleaner burning fuel.
  1. Regulatory Compliance

    When you automate your used cooking oil recycling you are prepared for inspections. Municipal authorities are cracking down on restaurants that dump grease inappropriately or don’t maintain the cleanliness standards their food licenses require. An automated cooking oil management system ensures you are in compliance with the disposal aspects of food service inspections.

Over the years manufacturers of used cooking oil automation equipment make the case that the payback period for investing in automation is about 12 months, which is a spectacular return on investment.  CleanFri manufactures its own custom automated equipment specifically to fit your kitchen and you will be very surprised at just how affordable it is. Call 877-606-6720 to learn more.

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