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Why You Should Filter Your Cooking Oil

Why You Should Filter Your Cooking oil is a follow-up to a recent blog post on reducing the cost of cooking oil. That post described ways to reduce the cost of cooking oil and filtering your cooking oil is one of the biggest cost reductions you can make. With the skyrocketing price of cooking oil due to pandemic supply chain disruptions and the war in Ukraine every restaurant is searching for ways to reduce the cost of cooking oil.

This post describes the best ways to filter your cooking oil and recent technological innovations in how to filter your cooking oil.

How to Filter Your Cooking Oil

Some fryers have built-in filters. These are fairly expensive fryers and they require extensive maintenance. Traditional cooking oil filter machines look like large floor polishers, requiring oil to be at a fairly cool temperature. Cooking oil filtering machines also not easy to move around. These machines do the job of filtering your oil. But, finding space to store these machines and teaching employees to use them safely can prove to be a challenge.

Recent Innovations in Cooking Oil Filtration

An innovative solution exists, provided by Vito filter. Vito filters are small metal tanks that you drop into your fryers at regular operating temperatures.  A self-timer runs the filter for approximately 5 minutes, filtering particulate matter including carbon through a microfilter. Removing these contaminants improves the taste of your food, keeps oil fresh longer, prevents premature oil breakdown and saves you money.  You can even use them right after a mealtime rush in advance of the next big seating.

The real difference is that Vito filters force the oil through the filter with pressure. It is not gravity fed like many oil filtering devices. This means that Vito can use a finer mesh screen, retrieve smaller particulate matter providing better quality oil and longer use times for your cooking oil. Clients report getting up to 50% longer use of their cooking oil. Incredibly, Vito Filters can be operated at regular fryer temperatures. Kitchen staff don’t have to wait for an hour after the dinner hour to let the oil cool down.

The Vito filter machine fits right into your dishwasher and only needs to be cleaned when the filter is dirty.

Vito Filter Savings

So what are the benefits of this innovative approach to filtering your cooking oil?

  • 50% savings on oil cost by extending oil life by 50+%
  • Improved safety because employees aren’t handling hot oil
  • Fewer labor hours required to filter oil
  • Better tasting food because contaminants are removed regularly
  • Easy storage due to small filter footprint

And CleanFri can deliver reasonably priced fresh oil to your restaurant kitchen, saving you additional money. CleanFri can also automate the flow and collection of used cooking oil. 

Creating a closed loop system from fresh oil to used cooking oil recycling means your staff never have to touch hot oil, keeping them safe and your kitchen clean.

And while we are there we can clean your grease trap.

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