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Due to the increased expenses associated with collecting and recycling used cooking oil coupled with decreased crude oil prices, we are unable to pay you for your used cooking oil. While this may change in the future, we are continuing to see a declining trend in the market that simply doesn’t support payment to restaurants. While we understand that some companies will offer to pay you for your used cooking oil, more often than not, these are just empty promises to get your business.  You wither won’t get paid or the amount paid will be so insignificant that it’s negligible.

We can set up weekly, bi-weekly or monthly pickups, depending on your need. In some cases we’ve had to set up multiple pick ups during the week, we are able to customize this based on your needs!

We DO NOT require a contract for collection tank accounts, but we will need to have a signed consent allowing our company to recycle your used cooking oil. On Oil Filtration or System Accounts, there is a substantial investment on our part, so we do required a signed commitment from all our customers requesting this type of service.

Yes! Keep in mind that all equipment is owned and maintained by CLEANFRI and can be used free of charge!