Used Cooking Oil Disposal in South Florida

Best used cooking oil recycling for restaurants

When you call to begin service we assess your restaurants’ used cooking oil disposal volume and the next day we deliver a grease recycling bin(link to photos of bins) that will fit your space. Our software learns your fill rate and predicts when your bin is likely to be full. Our software automatically schedules a pickup so we’re there without you having to call. 

We haul away the used cooking oil and recycle it into cleaner burning biofuels. 

We’re available 24/7 for emergencies should one arise.

This is used cooking oil disposal done right.

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kitchen automation photo with wand for transferring used cooking oil

Getting your used cooking oil to the recycling bin

Every kitchen is different. Sometimes the waste cooking oil needs to be moved to the grease recycling bin. CleanFri has numerous tools to make it easy to get the waste cooking oil from the fryer to the recycling bin. We have ecotubs, caddies, wands and closed loop systems. We will customize solutions to transport your used cooking oil to insure the ease and safety of your staff.

Indoor Automation Solutions

Our indoor waste oil management systems keep your employees safe and your kitchen clean.

Outdoor Tanks

Our heavy duty, theft proof tanks make it difficult for thieves to steal used cooking oil and leave a mess.

Flexible Transport Options

Our caddies, ecotubs, wands and push-button systems make it a breeze to move your waste cooking oil to the grease recycling bin.

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