When being in charge of any type of commercial kitchen, whether it is in a local restaurant, a food court at a mall, a stadium or arena, you will need to have a solution for disposing your used cooking oil. Having the proper equipment to handle used cooking oil in a safe way and having a partner that is there for you when the oil needs to be picked up regularly and on time is a recipe for success. Keeping used cooking oil for too long often turns into a safety issue.

Our used cooking oil collection services ensure that your used cooking oil is being collected and disposed in a safe way, on a regular basis. We set up the used cooking oil collection equipment, and establish a scheduled pick up that fits your needs.

Once we pick up the oil, we transport it and recycle it in an efficient way that protects our planet.

Benefits of our unique cooking oil collection system:
  • Scheduled collection that fits your needs
  • Get rid of odors or dirty bins
  • Get rid of pest control problems
  • Prevent accidents