Grease traps are very important in commercial kitchens, and they need to be installed and maintained to work properly. Grease traps are responsible for removing fats, oils, and grease from the kitchen safely, and it is crucial to work with a team who can handle them properly.

Cleaning grease traps can be a messy job. If not done properly, it can create serious problems for restaurants. CLEANFRI grease traps experts are specially trained to ensure your site is in compliance with  the most current regulations.

Everything we remove from the traps is disposed of in a legal, environmentally friendly manner and complete records are kept. We make that your grease trap is one less thing you have to worry about.

Whether your grease trap is indoors or outdoors, our experts will ensure that they are functioning properly.

With all the know-how, manpower, and equipment to fix problems before they threaten your business, why trust your kitchen to anyone else?