At CLEANFRI, we can design and install a system to collect the used cooking oil in your commercial kitchen. We will do a thorough assessment of your business and design a unique cooking oil system that fits your specific needs. Our cooking oil equipment is made up of the following:

  • Automated Systems: We have the ability to design and install automated cooking oil collection systems that fit your needs. These systems will improve the safety and efficiency of your kitchen, all while reducing waste. We also have the ability to retrofit systems into an existing commercial kitchen, through custom designing. Our Automated systems include Direct Connection Systems, which allow the cooking oil to be fed directly into the tank. Heated outdoor bulk containers, where holding tanks are installed outside your facility, or Indoor systems, which allow us to install the holding tanks inside your facility.
  • Bulk Containers: We use leak-proof, durable holding tanks that hold your used cooking oil. Our tanks have a protective lid to ensure that only cooking oil enters the tank as it is being poured in.
  • Design and Installation of cooking oil waste equipment: We have the ability to design and install a used cooking oil system that fits the specific needs of your commercial kitchen. We conduct an assessment of your operation, the layout of your kitchen and your frying volume to design a cooking oil waste system that works for you.

The CLEANFRI cooking oil system allows your restaurant to Filter, and dispose of your cooking oil with the switch of a button.

The Closed-Loop System Automatically:

• Pumps used fryer oil directly to the waste tank with no manual handling

• Filters your cooking oil to make it last longer

• Improves operational safety and job


CLEANFRI oil systems are generally located in near the kitchen area of the restaurant, and can be placed indoors or outdoors.

The CLEANFRI oil system is custom engineered to your facility making easy work of tight spaces or unique installation challenges.