Automated Used Cooking Oil Management Systems

An automated cooking oil management system ensures staff never handle hot oil:

  • No slips, falls or burns
  • No workmens comp claims
  • No missed work time
  • Lower liability insurance

And if you qualify, automation is free! You can even integrate used oil filtering.


Flip the switch and oil flows from fryer to tank. Put the tank anywhere the pipes will reach.

Caddy System

No need for new plumbing. Our caddies move oil from fryer to tank quickly and safely.

Fresh Oil

Check out our options for integrating fresh oil refills and filtration systems with your used cooking oil management system.

Why use an automated cooking oil management system?

We take away the headache of managing UCO. We let you focus on running your business.

What are the benefits of a cooking oil management system?

It’s more than just convenience. Automated cooking oil management can save you money too, from preventing accidents to lowering insurance premiums.

Can I afford an automated cooking oil management system?

If you produce enough used cooking oil each month the system could be free! And the savings it produces will be free too. Read about our closed loop systems that provide fresh oil, filtration and disposal all in one.

Want to learn more?

Give us a call or fill out a form to learn more or get your used cooking oil service started as soon as you need it!

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