choosing a restaurant oil recycling partner

How to choose a restaurant grease disposal company

Choosing a restaurant grease disposal company might seem pretty far down the list when you are opening or running a restaurant. It shouldn’t be. Disposing of and recycling your used cooking oil is important. A poor choice of a restaurant grease disposal company can affect the reputation and financial performance of a restaurant. A good choice can keep your kitchen staff safe, your premises smelling like your food and even bring in revenue.

What to look for in a restaurant grease disposal company

Your restaurant grease removal

company has to be your partner, someone you can trust and who will deliver on their commitments. When oil prices are high, fly-by-nighters flock to the industry, promising impossible rebates and then go belly-up with the next cyclical drop in prices, leaving you in trouble. Check the company history. How long have they been in business? Check their Google ratings.  

If you are a medium sized restaurant and not a national chain would you choose an industry giant for whom you are a low priority? Or would you prefer a solid, trustworthy, local company,like CleanFri the owner of which you can reach by phone any time of day or night?

Does your restaurant grease disposal company provide automation for storing and transporting your used cooking oil? This is a very important facet of choosing a grease partner. Restaurants with just a few fryers are enjoying the benefits of automation both for grease recycling and fresh cooking oil. Is your restaurant grease disposal company a “one call does it all” company? Will they clean your grease trap, pick up your used cooking oil and provide fresh oil delivery? Would you prefer to make one call to the owner for all of your needs or be on hold at a 100-person customer engagement center?

Let’s review the questions you should be asking:

How do I know you will be here when I need service?

Ask for referrals, check google ratings, check length of time in business. Have they been in business for at least 5 years? Look at their website. Are they professional? Studying their website can tell you a lot. Check out Facebook. Do you see online complaints about their service?

What is their emergency response time and how do you reach them?

Ask for the owner’s phone number and their guarantee for same day emergency

Do they have adequate liability insurance?

Ask to see their liability insurance policy and speak to their insurance agent. If the answer is not clear and instant, walk away.

Will your restaurant grease disposal company also maintain your grease trap?

Having one person to call is great. If you produce enough oil you may
Get grease trap cleaning for free! Why have multiple suppliers?

Do they provide options for outdoor storage and indoor automation?

This is critical. You want your restaurant grease disposal company to provide a range of solutions to meet your needs as your business grows. Ask about indoor tanks, grease transport devices like caddies and ecotubs. Ask about fresh cooking oil automation.

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